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Day 1 - Introduction to Power BI

November, 2020


13:00 – 15:00

Day 2 - Power BI-Prepare the Data

November, 2020


13:00 – 15:00

Day 3 - Power BI Model the Data

November, 2020


13:00 – 15:00


Day 1:
This webinar introduces Power BI. It starts with possible use cases of Power BI and an overview of what Power BI is. It introduces Power BI Desktop as well as the Power BI service. We will then build a Power BI report in an end-to-end demo. We will get data from different source, combine the data into one data model, create some visualizations and publish the result to a Power BI workspace. At the end of this session you have an understanding of what Power BI is intended for and what it is capable of. This session is intended for everyone who is curious about Power BI or wants to start working with Power BI. Although the demo will show technical implementation details, no technical knowledge is required to attend this webinar.

Day 2:
This webinar focusses on Power Query in Power BI. It is very common the have data that is not quite right yet. There might be data quality issues. Data might not be in tabular format. The table structure might not be suitable for our reporting/analytics goals. Power Query will help you shape the data in any necessary way in order to facilitate the end goal: meaningful accurate visualizations. In this demo reach webinar we will show some data preparation scenario’s using Power Query. We will look at the M code generated by Power Query and we will learn to read and understand that code. The session will also extend our learned knowledge to include Dataflow. This technical demo rich session is intended for everyone who uses Power BI or is going to use Power BI. It is especially intended for people who use data from operational source systems (instead of well-prepared dimensional oriented data marts). Basic understanding of tables is required, some past exposure to Power BI is a pre.

Day 3 :
Power BI is ultimately a reporting / analytics tool. But to get the right numbers and to enable the easy drag-and-drop creation of visualizations, you need a proper data model. A Power BI dataset is nothing but an in-memory database. How are you going to design that database? This session will explain what a data model is and what a good model is for Power BI. It will also show lots of implementation details in how to create a good working data model, including writing measures using DAX. This technical demo rich session is intended for everyone who uses Power BI and wants to take his/her solutions to the next level. Some Power BI experience is required.

The webinars will be held in English.


Peter ter Braake

Microsoft Data Platform and Analytics trainer and consultant TrainSQL


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